Miniso Haul + Quick Review #2 !

Hi guys! I’m here to update my very well-loved blog post Miniso haul + Quick Review.

I get really excited when i see beauty products, but more so when they are so affordable!

I got my hands on some of the newer items on sale and i have some first impressions on them.


Miniso Hydro Light BB Cream (only 1 shade)

20g, $3

Claims : -Thin, breathable, smooth texture, easy to extend (i think it means blend), can effectively conceal fine lines, brighten skin tone.



As you can see, it comes in a squeeze tube.


I must say, it has a very watery consistency. Which is not bad at all. It feels super light, breathable on my skin. It gives a smooth texture to your face when blended and it is easily blend-able. It can be layered as well.  Sounds really good~ It brightens up my skin tone as well!

But i have to mention that this product gives a light-medium coverage. (light at 1 layer, and medium at 2-3 layers). It has a strong scent to it, not unbearable. Not very effective to cover up all my redness but it feels literally like skin! I would really advise to set this with powder for oily girls like me as it gets oily quite fast. Overall, this is a 4/5 product for this price!


Shiyokubutsu Aqua Moisture BB (1 shade only)

30g , $3

Claims: -Plant extracts used to protect, moisturise and hydrate your skin. This product is soft,fine, smooth and permeable to air and can effectively block pollutants from outside. Makes pore invisible, cover flaws and spots, controls oil and brighten complexion to help you have a natural and flawless finish.


Comes in a squeezy tube as well. I have to mention that the bottle when taken out of the box feels quite oily (:/)


I noticed this having a creamier texture compared to the hydro light BB. It has a less up-in-your-face smell. It is layerable and blendable and feels like skin. However, it looks and feels more moisturising/dewy. Same with the coverage – light (with 1 cover), medium (with 2-3 covers)  My redness was not completely gone after 2-3 covers of this as well. However, it is definitely worth the price and i would give it a 4/5


Miniso blusher in Rose Pink

6g, $3


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It comes with a mini brush which is alright to apply it. This product is pigmented, definitely needs a light hand and it is a pale pink shade.


Finger swatch then brush swatch. Pretty colour. I would give this a 3.8/5.

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Assorted trio and quads

Around $3-4 each

First things first, all these shades are super pretty! I realised that Miniso has only shimmery shades and not matte ones (which is a bumper) but their shimmery shades have better quality than the only single matte shade that i have in one of the quads.



The shimmery shades are all super buttery, pigmented and pretty! The matte shade is dry and patchy but still workable. But for the price, these are a great steal. I would give it a 5/5!

I tried to use at least 1 colour from each quad/trio and i really look the colour pay off. (Eyeliner used is from Catrice)


Makeup remover

230ml, $3.90

Claims: Gentle and soft makeup remover.


Compared to the first makeup remover that i got from Miniso, about the same height but more product. It does not have a pump though.

A selection of different beauty products from foundations to liquid lipstick to test out the makeup remover.

I got to say, i really feel that this makeup remover removes makeup well! It stinks my eyes abit though, but other than that it is good. It feels watery but it leaves an oily film to the skin so that should be looked out. It removes my liquid lipstick well also. I would give it a 4/5

[Review] Essence All About Matt! Oil free makeup in #5 Matt Vanilla

Hi beauties! It has been a long time.

I’m here to review this drugstore foundation that i chanced upon. It is the Essence all about matt oil-free makeup foundation in #5 matt vanilla.


It is a 12 hour long foundation (which i highly doubt), mattifying, oil-free, gives a flawless radiant fresh finish, covers imperfections without clogging pores, long-lasting and moisturising. At lease these are what it claims to be.


This contains 30ml of product, comes in a squeeze tube which is not bad, although i generally really love pumps.


Ignore that dirty accumulation of product at the squeeze tube, i had this product for a while. The product comes out to be quite watery. But not surprising as the first ingredient is water.

I decided to just apply half face first to see the difference and there is quite a bit of difference. I used about 3 layers of it, i would say this is a buildable foundation. 1 layer of it was about medium coverage. I have oily skin with lots of redness and big pores and with 3 layers, most of it is covered. Although i feel that some redness is sipping through.

That’s why i decided to apply a green base (The Face Shop Air Cotton base in mint)  before i continue to apply the foundation.

Final Verdict :

  • Squeeze-y tube with 3 shades only.
  • Buildable coverage, liquidy formula.
  • Has quite a strong smell to it but it is nothing bad-smelling.
  • Hides my redness and pores quite decently, definitely recommend to put on green base for people with redness like me
  • It is mattifying but not drying, feels tacky on skin but looks great for everyday use
  • Product do come off abit when touched
  • I noticed cakiness on my nose area.
  • Affordable (I believe it is under 8 SGD)
  • Great for everyday look/no makeup makeup look
  • Definitely not a 12-hour wear foundation, 4-6 hours is good.
  • Rating : 3.6/5

[Review] Laneige water drop tint in camellia red 

Hi! Just a quick review on this lip tint that I got while shopping at laneige boutique in takashimaya then. 

Packaging is really simple, like how laneige’s packaging always have been. 

I got in in the shade camellia red, probably the only red that I saw in that boutique. 

The doe foot applicator has a mini hole in the center. 

Lip swatch, as you can see it seems really moisturizing and the red isn’t so intense. 
Final verdicts 

  • Colour is wearable and layerable. 
  • Moisturizing as a tint but Im not surprised since it’s ‘water drop’ tint 
  • Last well without any food but definitely wear off with eating. 
  • Wear time of about 4-5 hours but definitely noticed drying as the time goes by. 
  • Priced at $30 if I’m not wrong. 
  • Probably would not get another one since if I’m getting a tint, I would want it to last for a long time. 
  • Score – 3/5 

[Review] TheFaceShop air cotton base in mint 

Hey everyone! Today I’m gonna do a quick review on a colour correcting makeup base. 

Comes in a handy small squeeze tube. 

I have a dull complexion with redness on my face so I picked it up when I was at the face shop’s boutique, and from what I remember, it’s really affordable as well! 

Product is easy to blend, but go with small amounts if not it is too much to handle at a go, really helps to even out my skin tone and hides my redness. 

final verdict 

  • Brightens, even out skintone, hides redness to a certain extend – layer able as well. 
  • Small squeeze tube – however I wish there was a pump 
  • Affordable – I remember it being less than $10 sgd, and it comes in lilac shade as well! Good for people with dull skin tone. 
  • Rate : 5/5 

[Review] L.A girl matte pigment gloss in Timeless

Hi guys!

Today i’m gonna review this highly raved affordable liquid lipstick – L.A girl matte pigment gloss.

I got mine from a Laycy/Smoochiezz atrium sale (not sponsored by them!).


some screenshot of Smoochiezz’s website


I bought this quite some time ago and i don’t really gravitate to this product since the colour isn’t my preference.


The wand is quite flat, quite different from the usual doe foot applicator.

I thought it was a barbie pink colour from the tube but when i put it on my lips , it is a purplish-pink colour, which is really pretty but i’m not a fan of this colour.


As you can see, it is quite drying, but this is just a liquid lipstick thing, y’all know.


On the lips! Note that i didn’t really use a lip balm before maybe that’s why it looks so awfully dried. I have some bumps on lips which the circled part really shows the product clinging onto the bumps.


Also, looking back the chart from Smoochiezz’s website, this did not really turn out to be like the photo given for Timeless, feels more like Iconic. But i did swatch this lip product before i bought it so it was fine 🙂


So final verdicts!

  • Priced at $11.90(on Smoochiezz), quite affordable for a liquid lipstick in singapore. Definitely can get a cheaper deal online like Carousell etc
  • Quick drying, rather dry on lips, do prep your lips before this product.
  • Stays on really well, though feels abit sticky
  • Comes off flaky
  • Layer able
  • Score – 3.5/5

[Review] Moonshot Microfit and Moonflash cushions

Hi guys! Today i will be reviewing Moonshot’s cushions – Microfit and Moonflash.

In case you guys didn’t know, Moonshot is a beauty brand made by YG and i would say that their prices are roughly more high-end compared to the big Etude house or Innisfree.

I was quite excited to get the cushions since Dara endorsed the Moonflash cushion. But let’s start with the Microfit cushion which is what GD is endorsing.


I got this special pack when they had this event going on when Dara actually came to Singapore for this Moonshot promotion event.

This special pack costs (if i’m not wrong) $45-50 SGD while Sephora is now selling $36SGD single cushion with case and refill of $24 SGD

This is in the shade 101.

This claims to be lightweight, feels like skin and layer able.


I only applied 1 layer and i feel that it is enough for me. It is layer able and has  medium-full coverage. When i first used it, my friends all said that it looks like skin – concealing red areas that i have etc.

Now, with the moonflash cushion,


This product confuses me at first. So it is not a cushion foundation but more of a highlight base product. I tried once applying it on before applying the microfit, but it turns out to be very patchy and it actually clung on to problem areas, like around the nose. Not cool, but nowadays, i just use it like a normal highlight – above the cheeks.


I don’t know if you can see the effect of the moonflash cushion, but it is actually a subtle soft glow.


There you have it, the review for this 2 cushions.

Final verdicts :

Microfit (aka #GDcushion)

  • Comes with 3 shades.
  • Layer-able
  • Looks like skin
  • Medium to full coverage based on your layers
  • Score – 4/5

Moonflash (aka #DARAcushion)

  • Pinkish colour to brighten up complexion
  • Subtle soft highlight
  • Would not recommend to put on as base
  • Contains little glitters
  • Score – 3/5

Note that both cushions have a compact, light packaging and has a smell to it – a rather fresh smell compared to other cushion compacts.

Moonshot Haul

Hi lovelies!

If you have followed me for a while, you would have know that I’m a super fan of 2NE1. I got to know that Moonshot existed because of Dara, who is one of their spokesperson for their Moonflash Cushion.

Moonshot made its way to Singapore and can be purchased in Sephora, online and at their stores. I picked up 3 of their products.


Microfit cushion, Multi protection UV bouncer primer, Moonflash cushion.

I’m still in the midst of reviewing and testing out the products, so stay tune!

I would most probably do a Youtube video about it.



Miniso haul + quick review!

Hi guys!

I know it has been a long time , i’m so sorry .. there just have been too many things going on and i’m always trying to find time to blog, so finally..!

Anyway, i stumbled across Miniso Japan while i was out one day. To be honest i really don’t know about this brand but apparently there are a few branches in Singapore (oops, i need to go out more). Miniso feels like a higher class of Daiso (which is one of my favourite places to just wander around), which means that the items are really affordable. Not really like super cheap like Daiso’s $2 stuffs but i’m talking about $3 for a lipstick, $6 for an eyeshadow quad-type of affordable. Ofcourse their products don’t limit to only beauty items, there are travel must haves products, everyday lifestyle product, kinda like Muji and Daiso.

Being the makeup junkie i am, i gotta pick up some products when it is this cheap.


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I’m not gonna review things like mini perfume and eyebrow razors.


1st item – deep fieming(?) cleansing oil.

Price: $4.90 SGD

I’ve never tried a cleansing oil before, and its because i have oily skin, so oils don’t sound attractive to me. But somehow in the internet, i’ve found out that using cleansing oil with oily skin is good (i don’t know about credibility of the source, so anyone who can confirm this, please comment)

This product comes in a 200ml container, but it is quite small and compact, so good for travelling. But, how is the quality of this?

I would say, not very effective in removing makeup. However my face does not feel oily at all when i used this, not until i wet my face after that. It is super hard to remove eyeliner so i just ended up using my Bifesta cleansing lotion for that and would still leave some residue of foundation (yikes) on the skin. I guess i just have to use this to wipe off swatches instead.

I would give it a 2/5



Doesn’t this packaging looks oh-so-familiar? A real techniques brush replica? Yes please!

Real techniques brushes can be found on Sephora SG’s online website and some Watsons store do sell them but they are overpriced. When i saw these brushes, i knew i gotta get them and i’m so happy i did.

The gold-handle brush is a loose powder brush and it is so soft, the bristles are also sturdy and i got a feeling they would not shed soon.

The purple-handle brushes (one for eyeshadow, one for eyebrows) feels the same, soft and made well. But the fluffy eyeshadow brush is abit too big for my small asian crease, which can be a problem but in the end, i feel that it is workable.

And the best part? The loose powder brush is $5.90 SGD and the eyeshadow+eyebrow duo is $3, yes, $3 for both.

I would give it a 4.5/5 – i don’t wanna say too fast that it would be a 5/5 when i only used it once.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next would be this eyeshadow quad, which totally caught my attention since the colours look so wearable everyday. I swatched it in the store and bam, i need to have it. The colours were just so buttery smooth and very pigmented. It comes with 3 glittery shade and 1 matte brown.

I tried using the matte brown as a nose contour and it works pretty well.


Yup the swatch is pretty impressive~

Retailing at only $5.90 SGD, it’s really affordable

I would give it a 4/5!



Gotta love this packaging, looks alot like 3CE’s lipstick. There was only 4 shades to choose from and i got this pinkish-red colour, which is super pretty (the swatch on top with the eyeshadows).

It is smooth, creamy and pigmented, however i do feel like my lips can get dry after wearing this sometime so lip balm before applying is a must!

For $5.90, it is pretty decent (Essence have their lipstick at $4.90), but what actually attracted me was the packaging, but the quality is really decent.

I would give this a 4/5



So that’s it folks! Remember to follow me on Instagram @21pandamakeup!


CL hello bi+ches inspired makeup

Hi guys! Yes, i’m finally back!

This time, i’ve actually made a Youtube channel, and i’m planning to start youtube-ing. For my 1st video, i did a KPOP inspired look for CL’s Hello Bitches mv.

Yes, please pardon my awkwardness, i’m really shy >_<

I am planning some posts so stay tune for that!

I’m also on Instagram, follow me for updates on all cosmetics-related things @

[Review] Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB (#1) + Pore Cover Base

Hi guys!!

Yes, i know it has been a longgggggggggggggggggg time since i blogged. I’m really busy with school work until now, which is a study break before the mid semester exams. T_T

So i was just checking my stats and i’m really shocked that during this mia period, people still viewed my blog..! Which is why i got inspired to at least get this review post out.

So today i’m reviewing on Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Base and BB cover. I got this from Testerkorea, which i did a haul blog post about (here)

I decide to review them together since i think they are supposed to be worn together? So here goes~




A whole bunch of Korean there but i love how the expiry date is just stated there.

CSC_0623 Swatch of the Pore Cover Base

The pore cover base is just like a primer for your face. The texture of it is silky and light. It comes in only 1 shade.

20150603_193625Before the pore cover base

20150603_193443After pore cover base – kind of blurred out some pores, but not all.

CSC_0624Swatch of the Pore cover BB in #1 Soft beige. It has a thicker consistency compared to the cover base, but it is not as thick like say Missha Perfect Cover BB or even like Skin79 hot pink bb cream. It is very light weight.

20150603_1920531 layer of Pore cover BB.

As in the pic, it’s not full coverage at all, but for the pores, it did a bit of job though. It can be layered as well.

Final verdicts

  • Handy for travelling – small sized and easy storage but lack a pump for hygiene purposes.
  • Pore covering effect, not very strong, would be like a 6.5-7/10
  • Pore cover bb only comes in 2 colours, so there isn’t many options and the shades are both catered to ladies with lighter skin.
  • Price wise, affordable. Less than $10 SGD on TesterKorea for each item.
  • Able to layer the products as it is sheer.
  • Staying power, i wouldn’t say i was disappointed since this isn’t supposed to stay long but i did notice that after like a 2 hrs, it did feel like some part of my face was without the makeup. Might be due to my excessive sweating and oily face though.
  • Would recommend for lighter skinned tone ladies who don’t need full coverage base.
  • Score – 3.5/5