[Review] L.A girl matte pigment gloss in Timeless

Hi guys!

Today i’m gonna review this highly raved affordable liquid lipstick – L.A girl matte pigment gloss.

I got mine from a Laycy/Smoochiezz atrium sale (not sponsored by them!).


some screenshot of Smoochiezz’s website


I bought this quite some time ago and i don’t really gravitate to this product since the colour isn’t my preference.


The wand is quite flat, quite different from the usual doe foot applicator.

I thought it was a barbie pink colour from the tube but when i put it on my lips , it is a purplish-pink colour, which is really pretty but i’m not a fan of this colour.


As you can see, it is quite drying, but this is just a liquid lipstick thing, y’all know.


On the lips! Note that i didn’t really use a lip balm before maybe that’s why it looks so awfully dried. I have some bumps on lips which the circled part really shows the product clinging onto the bumps.


Also, looking back the chart from Smoochiezz’s website, this did not really turn out to be like the photo given for Timeless, feels more like Iconic. But i did swatch this lip product before i bought it so it was fine 🙂


So final verdicts!

  • Priced at $11.90(on Smoochiezz), quite affordable for a liquid lipstick in singapore. Definitely can get a cheaper deal online like Carousell etc
  • Quick drying, rather dry on lips, do prep your lips before this product.
  • Stays on really well, though feels abit sticky
  • Comes off flaky
  • Layer able
  • Score – 3.5/5

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