[Review] Moonshot Microfit and Moonflash cushions

Hi guys! Today i will be reviewing Moonshot’s cushions – Microfit and Moonflash.

In case you guys didn’t know, Moonshot is a beauty brand made by YG and i would say that their prices are roughly more high-end compared to the big Etude house or Innisfree.

I was quite excited to get the cushions since Dara endorsed the Moonflash cushion. But let’s start with the Microfit cushion which is what GD is endorsing.


I got this special pack when they had this event going on when Dara actually came to Singapore for this Moonshot promotion event.

This special pack costs (if i’m not wrong) $45-50 SGD while Sephora is now selling $36SGD single cushion with case and refill of $24 SGD

This is in the shade 101.

This claims to be lightweight, feels like skin and layer able.


I only applied 1 layer and i feel that it is enough for me. It is layer able and has  medium-full coverage. When i first used it, my friends all said that it looks like skin – concealing red areas that i have etc.

Now, with the moonflash cushion,


This product confuses me at first. So it is not a cushion foundation but more of a highlight base product. I tried once applying it on before applying the microfit, but it turns out to be very patchy and it actually clung on to problem areas, like around the nose. Not cool, but nowadays, i just use it like a normal highlight – above the cheeks.


I don’t know if you can see the effect of the moonflash cushion, but it is actually a subtle soft glow.


There you have it, the review for this 2 cushions.

Final verdicts :

Microfit (aka #GDcushion)

  • Comes with 3 shades.
  • Layer-able
  • Looks like skin
  • Medium to full coverage based on your layers
  • Score – 4/5

Moonflash (aka #DARAcushion)

  • Pinkish colour to brighten up complexion
  • Subtle soft highlight
  • Would not recommend to put on as base
  • Contains little glitters
  • Score – 3/5

Note that both cushions have a compact, light packaging and has a smell to it – a rather fresh smell compared to other cushion compacts.


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