[Review] Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB (#1) + Pore Cover Base

Hi guys!!

Yes, i know it has been a longgggggggggggggggggg time since i blogged. I’m really busy with school work until now, which is a study break before the mid semester exams. T_T

So i was just checking my stats and i’m really shocked that during this mia period, people still viewed my blog..! Which is why i got inspired to at least get this review post out.

So today i’m reviewing on Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Base and BB cover. I got this from Testerkorea, which i did a haul blog post about (here)

I decide to review them together since i think they are supposed to be worn together? So here goes~




A whole bunch of Korean there but i love how the expiry date is just stated there.

CSC_0623 Swatch of the Pore Cover Base

The pore cover base is just like a primer for your face. The texture of it is silky and light. It comes in only 1 shade.

20150603_193625Before the pore cover base

20150603_193443After pore cover base – kind of blurred out some pores, but not all.

CSC_0624Swatch of the Pore cover BB in #1 Soft beige. It has a thicker consistency compared to the cover base, but it is not as thick like say Missha Perfect Cover BB or even like Skin79 hot pink bb cream. It is very light weight.

20150603_1920531 layer of Pore cover BB.

As in the pic, it’s not full coverage at all, but for the pores, it did a bit of job though. It can be layered as well.

Final verdicts

  • Handy for travelling – small sized and easy storage but lack a pump for hygiene purposes.
  • Pore covering effect, not very strong, would be like a 6.5-7/10
  • Pore cover bb only comes in 2 colours, so there isn’t many options and the shades are both catered to ladies with lighter skin.
  • Price wise, affordable. Less than $10 SGD on TesterKorea for each item.
  • Able to layer the products as it is sheer.
  • Staying power, i wouldn’t say i was disappointed since this isn’t supposed to stay long but i did notice that after like a 2 hrs, it did feel like some part of my face was without the makeup. Might be due to my excessive sweating and oily face though.
  • Would recommend for lighter skinned tone ladies who don’t need full coverage base.
  • Score – 3.5/5

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