[Review] Catrice Lala Berlin’s High gloss lip glaze in #CO1 Ruby Red

Hey guys! How ya doing?

I’ve been pretty busy i would say since i advanced to year 2 in polytechnic and the work load is just…. /sigh/

Anyway, i’m doing a review for Catrice’s Lala Berlin’s High gloss lip glaze! I was just walking into Guardian when i saw the display and it was almost empty /hmp/ but i was really attracted to the lip glazes (they had 2 colours) and there is only 1 left for #CO1 and #CO2 was out of stock.. ): I was more drawn to the colour of #CO2 Ruling Red better but since #CO1 had only 1 piece left, i just became a typical singaporean – kiasu so i just bought it.


[S/S from Catrice’s official website] Doesn’t the deeper red looks so attractive T_T

Anyway, this collection is supposed to be Nov’14’s collection, according to Catrice.EU website, Singapore is really lagging behind all these Catrice’s limited edition items.




Just a typical packaging with wordings on it. Wand is also typical.


Swatches under different lighting, very pigmented and glossy as you can see.

How about on the lips?


As you can see, pigmented and glossy like the name suggests.


Final verdicts

  • Pigmented and glossy as expected √
  • Does feel like you layered the product on the lips – very thick on the lips even if it’s just one swipe.
  • Sticky
  • Lips started to get uncomfortable for me – i have sensitive skin so this is a sign that this product may not suit me.
  • Longevity wise, rather long without eating/drinking or touching – roughly around 4 hours i would say.
  • After taking the product off, my lips broke out T_T – i don’t think this suits me.
  • Price is less than 10 SGD but around 8+ SGD which is really affordable.
  • Would recommend this product to people who don’t have sensitive skin and that don’t mind the feeling of something heavy on your lips.
    • Final score – 3/5

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