[Review] Innisfree Single eyeshadow (Fall collection) in #41

Hi guys! How are you all doing?

Hope that you’re fine. I’m in a pretty good condition, got enough alone time/rest time since i did not have to work for a couple of days but i accidentally fell down yesterday -_- but still, overall the feeling is good~

So i’m going to review on this single eyeshadow from Innisfree today. I got it from testerkorea which i did a review/haul post about (here)

I really was into single eyeshadows last time because i think it’s really cute? It’s just like a small pot of magical dust and it looks so good if you arrange them (the shadows) in order when you store them (i’m weird, i know). When i first saw the shadows on testerkorea, i was like “i gotta buy this” the packaging is so simple and the colours are very pretty as well.


Very simple packaging, plastic-y but it still looks cute to me.



Colour i picked is a plum-bronzey colour, which i think is super pretty!


The swatch… i was blown away – i wasn’t even really pressing down on the pan to get the colour and the texture is very soft and fine.


Colour in pan vs true colour. Pretty good isn’t it?


Using a eyeshadow brush, i pat the eyeshadow on the entire lid (it appears more bronze but when you layer it on, the plum will appear) then i just simply did a thin eyeliner and done. Totally suitable for a everyday look.


The entire fall collection for the single eyeshadows. They should have the standard collection but i don’t see it on Testerkorea ): i really want to try them.

Final verdicts

  • Very pigmented/intense colour which is true to colour as well.
  • Texture is very soft and fine and applies well on eyelid.
  • Also long-lasting and kind of smudge-proof/water-proof! Sometimes when i test a product, i go to the extremes. I actually went to take a shower with the eye makeup and when i was done, the colour was still 70% there? Impressed.
  • It is priced 4,000won on Testerkorea which is about 4.97SGD which is very affordable. I think i saw some of the single eyeshadows in Innisfree boutiques in Singapore but i think they are around 7SGD/8SGD .
  • Would love to buy more of these, score – 5/5



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