[Update]150328 and #RIPLKY

Hi guys,

Yes, so sorry for not updating in such a longggggggggggggggggggggggg time T_T, my fault but i’ve been caught up for work almost everyday and when i actually have off days, i just want to rest >_< im so sorry. I promise i will get a post up by this coming week.

Anyway, thanks for the 50 followers!!! ❤

I never thought that people would even follow me in the first place but when people did, i guess i was doing the right thing? Haha! So, thank you all very much. I really appreciate you readers out there. 🙂

I would also want to mention about the passing of Singapore’s founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I was very sadden to hear this news on Tuesday and i just want to say thank you very much Mr Lee, for making Singapore from a third-world country to a first and for sacrificing your life for Singapore. We will always miss you #RIPLKY

With lots of love,



2 thoughts on “[Update]150328 and #RIPLKY

  1. I second your tribute to late Mr Lee KY who had spent more than 50years of his waking moment building a nation with absolutely nothing to begin with. Thats also the same reason why I haven’t been posting this week – i just can’t do it. Each time I read the tributes I choked and tears well up my eyes. May his legacy lives on! #RIPLKY

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