[Food review] Sushi Express!

Hi guys,

yes i know, this isn’t gonna be a beauty-related post, but today is my off day and i thought i should really enjoy myself – by eating.

If you don’t know, i love to eat. Yes, LOVE.

So today, i went to try Sushi Express.

What is special about them is, every plate you get from the go-round belt, is $1.50. Standard price.

They don’t provide any other drinks other than tea bags and it is very self-service.





The sushi going round and round~~

Oh btw, did you play sushi games before? i love that!

Foodporn shots 









Side dish


Got to say this salad is one of my fav! It tastes so refreshing!





Are you hungry?

Final verdicts

  • They have a variety of sushi and side dishes that are Japanese styled but when i was there around 3.30, the variety wasn’t really much, until around 5 where more people came in, more variety came.
  • Even though none of these photos are sashimi, they have! (I don’t eat raw)
  • For the price, i would say sashimi lovers are gonna have full advantage of it but i had a great time eating the other sushis as well. Even though some of the plates i took were not really worth the $1.50.
  • They aren’t exactly very fresh, the seaweed wasn’t crispy and the rice was abit hard but it is still better than the ones i had from other places.
  • One bad thing was that they don’t sell/provide other drinks (not even iced water), i guess they are trying to make the experience very japanese.
  • I would guess, the most enjoyable part of this is the experience, it’s just so fun to take the plates from the belt and watch them move in circles (am i weird)
  • I  ate 14 plates >_< and it was around $25 SGD.
  • Score – 4/5

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