[Review] Etude House Color Pop eyeliners in OR202 and RD203

Hi guys!

Yeap, it’s my off day today and i’m doing this review right now. Even though i was pretty much debating to do this the next time but i still did it 🙂

So, i’m doing a review on Etude House Color Pop eyeliners. I know they came out around 2013 (yes, i’m forever late) and i got it last year and i tried it a few times. Then i recently saw it lying around so i decided to review on this.

There was a period of time (a little now) when i was CRAZY over bright coloured eyeliners. Which was why i got these in the first place.


i got it in red (RD303) and orange (OR202)


Please do not mind the dirtiness of the eyeliner >.<


The swatches. It feels rather creamy on the hand. Both contains some glitter.





The colours are definitely true to colour, very pretty colours.

However, i can’t help but notice how not creamy are they. I literally had to tug this on my eyelid T_T is it because they are starting to dry up? After all, it’s manufactured in 2013… but it glides more smoothly on my hand with the swatch ._. and i don’t think that my eyelids are dry so…. i don’t know.

But other than this negative thing, this is water and smudgeproof. It lasts long with sweat too, which is very ideal in Singapore!

It also comes in many colours, but i’m not sure if they are still selling this in Etude House stores… or are they still manufacturing these anymore. Any ideas?

Etude House Color Pop Drawing show creamy pencil

Etude House Color Pop Drawing show creamy pencil swatches

Many different colours, you will be spoilt for choices!

So final vedicts

  • Waterproof, sweatproof, smudgeproof
  • Many colours
  • Not very creamy on lids (might have dried up over the 1 year + i’ve kept it), in this case i would recommend Clio’s gelpresso liner (review) which is still very creamy even though i had them for around 1 year plus too.
  • Need to sharpen!! OH NOOO WHYYYY??? I wish they had the sharpeners like those twist up eyeliners for eg Clio’s gelpresso upper liner (review)
  • Packaging… not really liking the white packaging, as you can see near the eyeliner’s bullet,it is very obvious that it’s very dirty
  • Not sure if they are still selling this product anymore…
  • Final score – 4/5 (because of the 3 proofs it had – water/smudge and sweat, which is very very impressive)

2 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House Color Pop eyeliners in OR202 and RD203

  1. Omg… I think if I ever place an order from Etude I’m def buying these liners. I love that red on you, it’s do beautiful! I love your review too, very extensive (:

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