[Haul+First Impression] Essence Like an unforgettable kiss collection – Duo blush and lipstick

Hey guys!

Right now i’m on holiday, the semester is FINALLLY overrrrr but i’m starting to work tomorrow, wow this sucks T_T. Anyway, i will try my best to really review ALOT (Project 21Panda 2015 cough)

So, while i was just chilling and walking around the mall near my school, i saw that Essence have finally updated their limited collection in Singapore! Which is the “Like an unforgettable kiss”. Doesn’t it sound so romantic? ❤


Taken from Essence website. This is the full collection. Lipsticks, lipgloss, nail polishes, fragrance, single eyeshadows, duo blushes and a blush brush.

So when i was at the store, the blush brush was gone T_T, there is only a few of the others left. T_T So i decided to take 1 of the lipstick and 1 of the duo blushes.


I got the pink duo blush and the red lipstick.


The packaging of this is hard cover, you know those books. This is so adorable, i had to get it even though i don’t have much feels for blushes LOL


The colour combo, well, i guess 2 birds with 1 stone? Blush and highlight at the same time. They are matte colours.


Totally sold for with the packaging, ❤

Up next! The lipstick. I got the red one (they had a pink and a nude one)



Comparison with their regular long-lasting lipstick(which costs the same)


The packaging reminds me so much of lip balms nowadays. LOL!



Swatch on the lips (2 coats) Note that it was during the evening when i took this photo. I would say that the texture is comparable to Loreal’s lextraordinarie liquid lipstick (review) and Maybelline lip polishes (review). It is not the creamy type of lipstick but instead like a coloured lipbalm. Very moisturising.


Swatches of the products.

Final verdicts

  • I tried the blushers on my cheeks and tbh….. i really cannot see any difference. Might be due that my cheeks are always red (yes, must be due to my skin sensitiveness) But the colours are really pretty. There is also a highlight colour.  For $5.90, this isn’t much for you to dislike. SCORE – 4/5
  • The lipstick (i really don’t think it should be called a lipstick), feels very light and moisturising on the lips. Not a very bold red but rosy-red. It retails for $4.90, like their regular line of lipstick (they both smell the same!). I think it is really suitable for daily wear. It glides on like a lip balm. SCORE – 4/5

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