[Haul] Testerkorea Haul #1

Hey people!

I haven’t posted a haul post in such a longgggg time and i’m really excited to show you this haul that i have!!

So in case any of you don’t know, TesterKorea.com is a korean site that sells korean cosmetics at their retail prices in Korea itself! All products are from Korea so what you are paying for is actually Korean cosmetics with Korean retail prices + shipping fees to your address. So in this post i’m gonna talk about the products i have (btw, this is a mini haul) and my review on the website itself.

The process :

-I ordered it on 7th Feb, Saturday.

-Received 2th March, Monday.


(S/S – EMS tracking)

As you can see on 11 Feb, Testerkorea sent out the parcel. Since i ordered on 7th, which is a Saturday, it is packed within 2 working days and sent out. I opted for Registered Air Parcel (cheapest shipping method) which they stated from their website that it will take around 1 week – 1 month. Since during that period of time it was Chinese New Year, the parcel might be delayed. But i was fine with it because the EMS tracking website updates quickly.

So it took 19 days to ship here from 11 Feb. And i think that Chinese New Year really delayed the parcel. (And my parcel took Singapore Airlines???? O_O What luxury LOL!)


Can you feel my excitement? Oh btw, the parcel isn’t like the normal cardboard box, it feels harder and more plastic-y. No dents or anything on the box.


A thin layer of bubble wrap on top.



Their ‘famous’ peanut foam thingy HAHA!


There is their sample pack!


The items i got. Really little HAHA!

Innisfree jeju pore clay mask comes with its box, innisfree eyeshadows (cream and powder) is wrapped with bubble wrap. Note that the innisfree wipe is a sample version of the full one (10 pcs vs 30 pcs) – i paid for the wipes.


The cost break-down. (Do note that they use WON (Korean currency) in their website) Then i used Paypal to pay for it so from Korean Won –> USD –> Singapore SGD



The samples i got 🙂


5 sachets of samples, 4 from Tony Moly, 1 nature republic.

My experience

  • The website is easy to navigate, it’s not very messy.
  • My order comes up to a total of $51.73 which i feel that it is worth it, for 6 full sized product and 1 sample sized.
  • If you do not like to wait, you can always opt for EMS which is way faster, like within 10 days but for the price of 6,000won+ i think 19 days (to be honest, i really feel that it will take quicker without Chinese New Year) is rather reasonable.
  • Packaging of it is rather safe, no cracks or anything on the product
  • Do note that the shipping rates is based on weight and the country you’re staying. When you are ready to pay, they will let you know the shipping fees which is nice.
  • Overall experience – 4.5/5 , I will recommend for you guys to check this website out (if you haven’t) or buy something from there (if you haven’t)
  • And, i can’t wait to shop more from this website LOL!

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