[Review] Loreal Lextraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in #300 Orange tempo

Hi guys! I’m back to reviewing products :)!

So, i got this item because well, im intrigued by the function of this product which is

1. Colour intensity of a lipstick

2. Magnifying shine of a gloss

3. Softness of a balm

Which you might find it familiar because in one of my previous review on Maybelline’s lip polishes, they have the exact quality.  Might be due to the fact that they are under the same company? Haha!

I got a orange-coloured one since i don’t really have orange lip products?


So far for packaging wise, i really like it. The gold overall colour gives it a very ‘expensive’ feel. I noticed that Loreal’s lip products are mostly in gold packaging

20150227_181526[1]Wand is typical. But one thing to note is that it smells really good. Like a fruity smell 😀


20150227_181620[1]One swipe of the colour. Very pigmented and glossy but no shimmer (unlike the Maybelline lip polish in Glam #1, #2)


So by using like a tint, it gives off a very simple, natural look even though it is orange colour. It feels more like a balm to me in this tint style.


One swipe and the colour intensity is there (I layered it on on the tint) The photos are taken indoor and outdoor setting (light setting difference) You can see the gloss pretty well, colour intensity is also gorgeous.

I drank from a cup and it transferred on the cup (no doubt, since it is not supposed to act like a tint/stain) but here is a picture of how it looks

20150227_185833[1]It’s not totally gone. The bottom lip has more colour faded than upper lip.

So final verdicts

  • It goes on smoothly, the smell is nice
  • It feels sticky but that is just the ‘gloss’ part of it doing its job
  • Feels rather moisturising but not as good as putting on a lip balm
  • Colour intensity is satisfactory, considering that 1 swipe.
  • As for staying power, i guess would stay for around 3-4hrs without budging but this is without food
  • Comes with a range of colours (16 colours in US but i think is Singapore around 9?)
  • Retails at $21.90 SGD (?), rather pricey.
  • Final score – 3.5/5

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