[Review] Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in #370 In A Rosegarden

Hi guys! Yes, i know it has been a LONGGG time since i posted a review… the Daiso post that i posted before took me 6 days >_<, if you haven’t, read it! HAHA, anyway… Catrice cosmetics is finally within my reach, near my house which is a good news and a bad one at the same time. Urgh. I should really control myself from getting more makeup ):

Anyway, moving on, i decided to pick this lipstick up since it seem to be rather appealing..


The sticker gotta mean ‘must buy’ right? (Women’s Weekly is a women’s fashion/beauty/women related magazine in Singapore, for those who don’t know.)2015-02-17-12-20-06_photo[1]

Decided to pick this colour up since i guess it is a more wearable colour? And that i would actually put it on more often.


2015-02-17-12-23-28_photo[1]The swatch.

A very rosy-beige colour which will look nice on any skin tone.

page So top is without any product and bottom with the product on.

2015-02-17-12-26-18_photo[1]Really satisfied with how it feels on the lips.

Since the name of this lipstick is ultimate color, for me a ultimate lipstick would be something long-lasting, not drying, pigmented and feels great on the lips. Therefore after applying it on the lips, i decided to get some test – food and drink test, both at the same time.

2015-02-17-13-24-42_photo[1] and this is the lips after the test. It’s not that the color is still completely there but it is like 50% there?

So final verdicts

  • Definitely moisturising, it has the texture of Revlon Lip butters (which i reviewed!)
  • I love how it is very pigmented, very creamy to apply.
  • Lips will slowly get drier as the time goes by but the there is no lip cracks, in fact it looks the same as how you apply after like 2 hours?
  • I ate food and drank water with it, had lip marks on the cup but after that, the colour wasn’t totally gone, which is nice.
  • I feel that it would be able to last for at least a 4 hours, without eating, touching the lips.
  • Very wide selection of colours, i saw about 10-12 colours. Definitely would want to get more colours to try.
  • Retails at $7.90 SGD in Guardian outlets. Which is very affordable.
  • Final score – 4.9/5

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