[Hits&Misses+Review] Daiso makeup! (As of 15/2/2015)

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Hi guys, i noticed you guys are rather interested in Daiso makeup so i kinda thought of this idea to give a overall sum up of hits and misses that i have and mini reviews. Reason why i have the date stated on the title is because i really believe this series of Daiso makeup hits and misses will expand with time. Some of the items have more in depth product photos  under “haul” posts so pls check them out!

So i have the recommend zone :


So from the swatches, they all seem to be chalky but they are very workable on the lids. 🙂 Anyway the packaging looks so much like Kate eyeshadow palettes. Pigmentation isn’t great but can be layered and you gotta admit $2 for this is really affordable. Score – 3.5/5


Please pardon the lashes, oops you guys can’t see the eyeshadow. But i really love the 2 deeper shades -they all have a nice shimmer to it and apparently i saw from other blogs that this palette is highly raved as well. The lightest colour is practically non-existent in the swatch but u can see that it contains alot of shimmer. Score-4/5


This series of lipsticks! I bought 1 at first which is the colour i really love which made me buy more, i believe i have like 5 of them, of which now i have 3 left, i misplace my things so freaking easily (zzzz) Anyway u can see the length of the product, which is ALOT for $2. These 3 are the ones i’m left with:

2015-02-08-17-18-03_photo[1] The left one is really a nice nudish pink (which i broke T_T and threw it away) , middle one is a rosy-red while the right one is a light coral nude colour. I have to say they feel really great on the lips, moisturising, longevity wise – like a normal lipstick

2015-02-06-17-53-27_photo[1] the colour that i really love – I believe it’s in #1 raspberry. It’s just a very wearable rose-red colour. Packaging wise, they are slim but i do notice that this colour (#raspberry’s) stick is more flimsy as compared to others. I would pull the cap off and i would pull everything out as in the compartments inside just pops out (god damn it i should have just taken a photo) but not much of a major problem with me. The other colours (except for this and the neutral pinkish shade WHICH I BROKE) doesn’t seem to suit my lips. But it might for others so i guess you all have to check for yourself.

Score- 5/5


Eyebrow powder. Comes with 2 colour schemes. This and a brownish one. Since i had black hair, i decided to go for this. Oh btw it came with a mini eyebrow brush that i didnt put back in but im still using it. Not really a eyebrow type of girl but this does the job – filling in the brows and it stays for a long time, despite sweating so this is recommended! Score – 5/5

2015-02-04-21-11-39_photo[1] 2015-02-08-17-50-31_photo[1]

This mascara – Ellefar Twin Side Mascara in black. Firstly, gotta love the wand, it’s small and packed and it’s plastic, you know those that can bend. Next, this really lengthens the lashes, gives a nice curl. Not waterproof but i really love the formula of the mascara, you know abit drying, like when you pull the wand out, it actually doesn’t overflow with the mascara. Score-4.5/10


I just find the packaging to be so cuteeeee. And the darkest brown is supposed to be a eyebrow shade, which is pretty good! 2-in-1 product palette. Save the cost of having to buy 2 different products. Actually the shadows were more pigmented than what they looked like in the photo. Score – 5/5 2015-02-04-21-09-31_photo[1]2015-02-08-16-11-37_photo[1]2015-02-08-17-15-18_photo[1]

Same series as the one above but different colours. More neutral tones, same with the 4 shadows 1 eyebrow colour. Definitely feel that these shades are more pigmented than the pink series. Score – 5/52015-02-04-21-12-04_photo[1] Lashes!!! I know they have a lot of different types of lashes but i chose these 3 types for my birthday haul. They have ones that have really hard lash band which is hard to wear, these types have super small bands which is easier to use and don’t feel uncomfortable. I used the third one for my valentines day tutorial! Score – 5/5 2015-02-08-17-57-57_photo[1]Eyelash glue! Isn’t this so cute?? Daiso have eyelash glue in tubes too but i chose this because of the packaging! Isn’t it like Canmake/Dollywink’s packaging (LOL!) ?Anyway, it comes with a brush just you can just easily apply to ur false lashes. I think this really work well if you wait for about 45 secs? then put it on and secure everything. This really does the job well and it dries to transparent which is a plus point! I think the best part is that it sticks well and it comes off well! Ever had those glue which just is so freaking hard to take it off? For this, i use my makeup remover wipe, press down for a few secs, wipe off (i have eye makeup on as well) and the lashes is slightly off already then you can just take it off, Score – 5/5


Eyelash curler! I think this is just a very simple eyelash curler which really does the job well. And its the only eyelash curler i have. Score – 5/5



Cosmetics wedges sponge. It comes in 12 and those triangle shaped one. I just find that it’s super easy and convenient to apply like bb cream/foundation on. And the packaging stated that this is not for one use so you can always wash it and re use again (which i did alot) and it feels great! Score – 5/5


Detergent for puffs and sponge – i use this for the sponges above and it works really well! A really dirtied sponge becomes like brand new. Before i found the makeup brush cleanser from Daiso also, i’ve been using this to wash brushes as well, which works good. But it works way better for sponges so Score – 5/5


Makeup brush cleaner! I reviewed on this already. Score – 4.5/5


Makeup remover wipes. For people like me who is constantly swatching items, doing makeup looks, i gotta find a cheaper alternative of remover unlike like Briore or other remover brands. What made me buy was the fact that it is supposed to be for any type of eye makeup, even waterproof! When i opened it and took one piece out, it really contains alot of the makeup remover. AND I LOVE THE CAP. Seriously it’s way better than those like adhesive-paste-it-back type of opening. Well, for the removing makeup part, it does such a fantastic job, really! i can just use one sheet for both eyes (with like eyeshadow and eyeliner) score -10/5 (I NEED TO GO TO RESTOCK ON THIS)

2015-02-08-17-21-31_photo[1] 2015-02-08-17-21-35_photo[1]

For eg, you can see my whole hand is full of swatches, and

2015-02-08-17-25-14_photo[1]2015-02-08-17-25-17_photo[1] 2015-02-08-17-25-21_photo[1] Yeap, i hope the pictures explain it all!




Concealer #1 – just doesn’t work with me, coverage wasn’t good, feels abit tacky. Score – 1/5


Concealer #2 – comes in one shade, bought this because it seem to be my shade but guess what? ): it’s way darker than my skin tone T_T However i still tried it, this dries super easily, but has decent coverage. Score – 2/52015-02-08-17-16-14_photo[1]

This shade of eyeshadows. I know from the swatches it looks really pigmented but once on the lid, it’s a different story. The purple hardly showed up ): And the rest was just mehh score – 1/5

So this sums up the hits and misses i have for Daiso, i really tried them and these are all my own opinions. So, thanks for reading 🙂 Do look forward to part 2 of this because I really love Daiso. 🙂


11 thoughts on “[Hits&Misses+Review] Daiso makeup! (As of 15/2/2015)

  1. I have the same eyeshadows! I haven’t used them in so long though because I bought other things but those lipsticks look incredible! :O I have to go and look into them!

  2. Awesome post!! I need to start buying some cosmetics from around Daiso!! I have never tried. I love the peach eyeshadow on the second pallete ( the three eyeshadow one) It’s goregous on you. :3

  3. Never knew there are so many gems in Daiso. I would prefer to use the organic lipsticks which are lead free. That aside, i think the removers are real steal! Waiting for your part 2 reviews!! 👍

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