[Tutorial] Valentines’ Sweet Day Date Look!

Hi girlzzz~ I realised Valentines Day is this week (gasp!) but i don’t have any partner to celebrate this with anyway but for lucky girls with a partner, this might be the makeup look that you wanna wear out.

So for the products i’m using today:


1) Lady&Skin Mineral Luminous CC cream

2)Essence 3-in-1 concealer

3)Clio Gelpresso pencil liner in #bloody angel (Read my review!)

4)Peripera lip tint crayon in #1

5)Maybelline colour tattoo in #inked in pink (Read my review!)

6)Maybelline hypersharp liner – black

7)Essence silky touch blush in # 20 babydoll

8)Essence get BIG! lashes volume curl mascara

9)Kate gradical eyes in #PK1

10)Daiso eyelashes and random brand eyelash glue

11)Innisfree eco eyebrow pencil in #2 (not in photo)

Of course you all don’t have to have the exact products.

Today’s eye look is very inspired from my recent obsession with pink eyeshadows hahaha

So let’s start.


Taking the essence concealer – green and salmon coloured. Salmon-coloured concealer works well with dark eyebags, green for redness.

pageYou can see the difference with my eye circles and redness.


Apply the cc cream.


#1 – Used maybelline colour tattoo in #inked in pink on the whole lid.

#2 – taking the lighter colour from Kate gradical palette, pop it in the outer-v.

#3 – Taking the darkest colour from the Kate gradical palette, sharpen the line of the outer-v and drag the shadow down to the lower lash line.

#4 – highlight the inner duct with a white shimmery shadow and using Clio Gelpresso pencil liner in #bloody angel, do the aegyo sal


#5 – use Maybelline hyper sharp liner to line your eyes, i extended to eyeliner to give off that longer eye shape look.

#6 – to add more glam, add on a pair of falsies ❤ As you can see with the falsies on, the eyeliner don’t seem to be too intimidating. I love this pair of Daiso eyelashes!! It just makes you look like a doll. Don’t they remind you so much of Dollywink’s eyelashes?

2015-02-09-18-21-18_photo[1] use lip balm first because of the lip tint coming up, i chose a lip tint for this look because 1)colour will stay on even if you guys do naughty things (winkwink~) 2) it just adds a touch of something for the lips without being too attention-seeking, for the eyes should be the focus of the look.


Lip tint – peripera lip tint crayon in #1


Lightly filled in my brows with Innisfree eco eyebrow in #2. (LOL i have thick eyebrows) Just a coat of mascara on the upper lashes and multiple on the bottom (you would want to balance the top and bottom lashes – used Essence get BIG! lashes mascara; not really a mascara for the lower lashes because of the big wand T_T) I also lightly applied blusher – Essence silky touch blusher in #20 Baby doll to give that doll feel.

I really hope this is detailed enough! Thanks for reading ~


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