[Review] Maybelline Lip Polish in #Glam 1 & #Glam 2

Hi guys!

Today i will be reviewing on Maybelline Lip Polish because of Project Panda 2015 haha! Well, this product came out some time ago and the selling point of this is that, 1) supposed to have the intensity of a lipstick, 2)shine of a lipgloss and 3)comfort of a lipbalm, making this product rather unique in a sense. It is a liquid lipstick product that nowadays many other brands are infusing this idea into their product as well!

I got it in Glam #1 and Glam #2.




I really love that lipstick bullet shaped packaging.



The wand, just a very typical wand.


Swatches. You can see that both of them contain some type of golden-silverish glitter, and that they are indeed very liquidy (might not be moisturising)


See my lipsss, they are dry T_T i know i have to put on lip balm but im too lazy ):


Glam 1 is a very nudish-beige colour which is perfect for everyday. It feels moisturising.


Glam 2 is a disappointment ): it feels more sticky compared to glam 1 and the colour pay off is bad ):

Final verdicts

  • I kind of feel that these 2 products aren’t similar in the sense that pigmentation, the texture etc. But one thing they both have in common is that the colour isn’t strong with just 1 coat, you have to layer it on. (Quite disappointed with this) they both also have shine on it, which will make your lips look fuller which is great. But they are rather sticky so be wary of your hair.
  • Glam 1 is the more pigmented one, i just need 1.5 coats to get that colour i got on the lips in the picture. There is this golden-silver glitter in it but it isn’t apparent until you are taking it off/rubbing on it and it becomes a mess (>_<) but still the colour is extremely pretty and it lasts quite long. It will turn drier with time but the colour is still there so i don’t mind.
  • Glam 2 is really disappointing, i was looking forward to this colour because on the packaging, it looks so good, like a cute deep pink colour but the pigmentation, no matter how much i layer on it, just doesn’t show that colour that is on the packaging.
  • They are both moisturising but glam 2 feels more sticky.
  • Packaging is simple and sleek which is nice
  • Retails at $19.90 SGD which is really pricey considering the fact that this product is rather small
  • If i have a chance, i would wanna try the other colours in this line.
  • Final score – i really can’t grade them both as a whole so: Glam #1- 4.5/5 and Glam #2 – 3/5

7 thoughts on “[Review] Maybelline Lip Polish in #Glam 1 & #Glam 2

      1. Oh that’s gooood! 😀 There’s a sale for Maybelline going on at the moment where I live so I’ll look into these! 😀 Thank you for letting me know!

      2. Oh I see! 😀 That’s still decent! I assume they wouldn’t stain much since they’re quite sheer anyway but they look nice on the lips! 🙂

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