[Review] Essence Beach Cruisers Wet & Dry eyeshadow in #3 Girls just wanna have sun!

Hi guys!

All of a sudden i just wanna talk about Essence cosmetics. I find that this brand is so affordable and good! The quality in some of their products really… are worth more money. Well, let’s just get into this review on one of their limited edition collection’s eyeshadow.

To be honest i don’t even know why i am reviewing this product which is no longer on sale anymore (LOL)



That awkward part in the center is due to me wetting the brush and dipping it in.


I love the name!

Im pretty sure i picked this colour because i was infatuated with orange, oops.


Swatches. Applying it wet definitely made it more pigmented and smooth.


Comparison. Dry vs wet. Pls don’t mind my false eyelashes popping out LOL!


Entire collection for this Beach Cruisers edition. I regretted not getting more of the products T_T

Final verdict

  • Packaging is simple yet cute, alot like 3CE’s pink series one colour eyeshadow?
  • This orange colour really warms up the eyelid, which is great for people who want to take a break from the usual browns and neutrals without being too colourful.
  • Would definitely recommend to apply it wet (more colour payoff and smoother)
  • Limited edition product ): Essence always have this limited collection products that will disappear after some time ): im waiting for the next collection.
  • Final score – 4.5/5.

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