[Update + Haul] Birthday and Daiso Haul


So today is the day i turn 18. Just really wanted to blog this before the day is over, it’s 10.49pm in Singapore right now.

So after receiving blessings from my class, i went to the nearest shopping mall and wanted to get something for myself, you know pampering yourself once in a while~

But i did not really bought much but instead i treated myself to a nice meal in Ajisen Ramen (Japanese ramen)



And i thought i would go home but i was like… “i gotta buy something” you know.

So on the way home, i decided to go to Daiso to grab some things, and i got 10 of them.


Oh, i actually went to artbox to get a notebook, i really love those simple design but those soft cover notebooks ❀ and they put it inside the bag which is superrrrr cute, pandas everywhere!!! Keeping this plastic bag no doubt!

So this sums up what i got and i really can’t wait to try out the new daiso eyeshadows that i picked up, will let you guys know how i feel about them πŸ™‚


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