[Review] Maybelline Eyestudio Color tatto 24 hr Cream Gel Shadow

Hi dolls, im back 🙂

I will be reviewing this product from Maybelline. It has been in the market for a long time, yes. But here is what i would say about them.


Got it in the color #35 Tough as taupe, #55 Inked in pink(i believe it is a limited edition) and #25 bad to the bronze. #35 and #25 have a good reputation around therefore i got them.



In terms of creaminess at this point of time (#35 and 25 have been around for a longer period of time)



Swatches~ so u can see that #35 is a greyish taupe matte color and that even after looking like the dryest of them all, i can still feel that it is smooth when i swatched it. #55 is a light pink metallic color, #25 is a very neutral brownish bronze shiny color.


Lightly used. (1 swipe on the lid)


More intensity

Even though this pic is blurry, i must say i was really satisfied with how it looked.


I know this is bad but i really wanted to draw a thick line that day ): i was supposed to review on the shadows ): (oh and i didn’t realised i accidentally pressed the ‘effects’ button on the phone that’s why the photo feels abit fake)


So this is how it actually looks like without the effect.

Since this product claims to be long lasting (to 24hr) but i can’t possibly have this makeup on for 24hrs i decided to do a 2 tests – smudge and waterproof test to decide on the longevity.

For smudge test, to bring it to a higher level, i decided to exercise with this makeup on so i can sweat and then try to rub it to see the results… and…


Pretty much no changes! Even rubbing at this point it stayed on.


Hope you can see the drops of water on my face! I decided to wash my face while i have the makeup on (wow) and rub on it, so the result, not much changes! Just that my mascara is starting to come off.

Info: I used bobbi brown long wear gel liner in black ink to line (review would be up soon), some cheap falsies and thefaceshop mascara.

Final verdict

  • #55 and #25 would become rather cakey if you put on many layers. (you can kind of see it in the swatches already)
  • do you realised i didn’t use #25 at all? LOL, i realised that after i did everything so… well i think it’s hard for me to try to combine the colors together.
  • As you can see from the above photos, #25 and #35 passed with flying colours with the smudge and waterproof tests.
  • I really like the colors, i think that they are really very pretty shades.
  • As for longevity, i feel that they would definitely stay on for a long time. I can’t say for sure 24 hrs. But >8hrs, which is good enough for many people.
  • Texture wise, since they are cream shadows, they feel buttery. On the lids, they feel great, i actually rubbed my eyelid forgetting the fact that i had makeup on, which shows how comfortable they are on the lids.
  • #55 is limited edition (at least in Singapore, i dunno about the rest)
  • Price is around $15.90 i think in Watsons, guardian.
  • Definitely can be used as an eyeliner, just use a eyeliner brush. I used a brush to get that outer v-shaped.
  • Final score – 4.3/5

3 thoughts on “[Review] Maybelline Eyestudio Color tatto 24 hr Cream Gel Shadow

  1. Love the colour tattoos! I’ve never tried layering them before but I own Inked in Pink and Bad to the Bronze too and they look so beautiful together so I’m going to try this! ❤ Thanks for the review!

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