[Review] Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

Hey guys!!

Okay so continuing my quest/mission to finish reviewing my makeup products (if you guys wanna have a peek of what i have to offer, please read this post – https://21panda.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/update-project-21panda-2015/)

I remembered when it came out, it was such an hype because it was the first ever ‘lipbutter’ to be produced and that every beauty vlogger i know have them, but being me, im always hesitant since it is pricey in Singapore due to shipping and conversion rates therefore i only managed to get mine last year.

The reason why they are so popular is because they are rather pigmented as well as very moisturising. They have a hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula that boosts lip moisture by 156% and they are really very easy to apply (smooth and buttery, just like its name)


They come in 11 shades. I picked up 3 of them.





They just look so smooth from the above picture ❤


It contains alot of shine as you can see. Very moisturising.


Swatches on lips. I love all of them to be honest. Even though Tutti Frutti(orange) was picked up because during that period of time, Korean beauty had this trend for orange lip products. (LOL)

Tutti Frutti reminds me so much like chinese mandarins, which i loveeee. I can’t wait to taste some because Chinese New Year is coming!!

Ripe tangerine with slices

yum, i had to.

And while i was swatching the colours on my hand, for some reason, Sweet tart and Strawberry Shortcake kind of had a bit of them sliding off.(Is it because they are too old; i bought Tutti Frutti the latest) But i had no problem with it (LOL, just saying). 2015-02-03-09-40-04_photo[1]

You can see the small bit that became a clump and is sliding.

So final verdict

  • Definitely not long lasting, i doubt they are supposed to do that since they act more like a lip balm with colour. And we reapply lip balm often, you get me?
  • Colour may appear a bit patchy on lips (layers of product on lips) but just smooth it out with a finger or something
  • Very Moisturising but is sticky at the same time, but is acceptable for me (but i wouldn’t let my hair down and use this lip product)
  • Comes with a whole bunch of colours
  • Retails at $15.90 SGD each in Watsons/Guardian stores in Singapore.
  • Final score – 3.9/5

I just realised, my scoring system is rather strict. Anything above 4/5 would be like really good products lol. I used to have a rating system to /10 but i guess till /5 is enough.

Thanks for reading as usual 🙂

Bloggers who want me to check out your website can definitely comment and i will really check or even follow you guys! :)) ❤


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