[Review] Maybelline ColorShow Lipsticks

Maybelline ColorShow lipsticks! I know that they have alot of shades to choose from. They have neutrals, pinks, reds, plums and even browns (i think) I picked up 2 of them when Watsons had a sale last year. Quite stupid of me to choose 2 very similar shades -_- (#102 and #104)

2015-02-03-09-46-13_photo[1] 2015-02-03-09-46-52_photo[1] 2015-02-03-09-48-08_photo[1]

2015-02-03-09-50-10_photo[1] 2015-02-03-09-54-40_photo[1]

Left – pink punch, right- pink please.

They both give me a very soft coral-pink feel which is different from what i usually would pick.

It was in the morning when i put it on and i got hungry, so why not test its staying power?


Jellies for breakfast šŸ™‚


This is #104 pink please. As you can see, it became less glossy as compared to the before eating picture which i like better for this shade.

Final verdict

  • Alot of colours in the range.
  • Not a long lasting product but i did not expect any longevity from this product either.
  • #104 pink please contains more shine compared to #102
  • They smell like some citrus fruit
  • Retails at $9.90 SGD (which is a nice price) in Watsons Singapore. I would probably grab a couple more colors – (plums/reds or even neutrals) when i have the chance.
  • Packaging feels rather plastic-ky
  • Final score -3.8/5

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