[Update] Project 21Panda 2015


So i have made a resolution for this year. What i want to achieve on this blog. I just feel that everything is all over the place, which makes me frustrated. ):

One of my new year’s resolution for 2015 is to blog more reviews/blog posts that i love. Therefore, knowing how it is Feb already /shocked/, i gotta hurry up and organise stuff.

So #1 priority for 21panda.wp.com, is to blog about every  most of my makeup so if you guys are like me, who reads reviews from other awesome beauty bloggers (did i self admit i’m awesome??!) before purchasing or just very eager to try alot/new products, i hope that you guys found my review posts helpful in your journey as a makeup addict.

I’ve sorted out the products that i have right now that i want to review so badly (this is about 50% of my entire makeup collection), of which 25% of the entire collection i have already reviewed on and just a 25% which i feel that its not really important/they are too old to review.


As you can see from above, (left) lippies, (middle)eyeshadows + eyeliners + blushes (right) face products + misc.

You can see that i don’t have many face products as i’m not really a fanatic of them (and that they are usually the most expensive one)

Brands (i don’t know if i have got every brand but based on my memory)

Brands i have for lippies – Peripera, Clio, Essence,Loreal,Revlon,Maybelline,Laneige,NYX,Dior

eyeshadows – BH cosmetics (palette with blushes), Daiso, MUA,Maybelline,3CE,Boujoir

eyeliners – etude house, peripera, bobbibrown, elite, loreal, tonymoly

face- Loreal, Lady&Skin

I gave myself to June 2015 to finish reviewing ALL of them cos i’m pretty sure the collection will grow (happy and sad- $$$ T_T at the same time)

To my faithful readers, you guys can request which brand and which category you want me to do a review faster cos most probably i would be just grabbing random items and do review on them.

#2 priority would be starting a new page on this blog dedicated to photography and art, as they are both my hobbies like makeup as well. It would be any kind of photography (night,street etc) and for art (maybe fanarts or some other things i have feeling for when i work on them)

#3 priority would be actually have a makeup swap with other makeup addict(s) from another country! I wanted to do it since 2 years ago but i know that people actually scams for this which brought my confidence level down to do it ):

#4 priority – giveaway based in Singapore. Like maybe when i get like 500 followers (LOL!!)

Therefore this is my 4 wishes/missions/quests that i have for this blog. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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