[Review] TouchInSol Corean CC Cream

Hi! So today is a review for a CC cream i got from Sasa atrium sale, to be honest, i did not intend to buy it, but somehow this product was there and i saw it, got curious and wanted to try. And i did not intend to buy anything from the sale (happens every time, oops) So, being a Korean beauty lover (yes, i consider myself as one), i’ve heard about CC cream from a long timeeeee agoooo but did not really think of getting it as i feel that not everything from korea has to be good right? (cough) but i always get sucked into buying korean products (happens every time, oops)

For those we don’t know about CC creams(Color control), they are the next generation of BB creams (Blemish balm). So from what i know, they are not as thick as BB creams – lesser coverage but they have some skincare benefits (depends on different products) and they suit people who don’t want to pile foundation/thick products on their faces. Which suits me, i don’t really consider myself as a person who needs like alott of coverage, my major concern for my face is sensitivity and biggggg pores.

And for people who don’t know about TouchInSol (i did not know until last year), it’s a korean makeup brand (not as popular/famous like Etude House etc) It is being endorsed by Ailee (Korean singer) – which is probably the reason why i get to know about this brand (LOL, Korea and their advertisments!!) I don’t know if Ailee is still endorsing as i see Apink (Korean girl group) taking over the packaging :/

Ok, so enough of the blabbering, let’s do the review.





oh really?


The packaging has that Korean old folk feel



Comes with a pump! The whole bottle feels light and plastic-y



So this is a white cream that will adjust to your natural skin colour as seen above.

I only pushed half a pump which is alot as seen in the second pic, i had to spread it to my whole hand in order to let it blend to my skin colour.


This is me, after applying it on my face. Please don’t mind my flaky nose (having a terrible flu right now – leaky nose) As you can see, my pores are really hugeeee, it did not really cover everything.


At the end of the day (around 4-5 hrs in total)

Final verdict

  • Doesn’t provide alot of coverage, product itself is liquidy.
  • I applied around 2 layers (in half a pump) focusing more on my cheeks. Can be layered definitely but it does not feel very natural on the skin if you do 3 layers and above.
  • I allowed it to set for about 10 minutes but as i was blowing my nose, i notice transfer on the tissue.
  • It continues to transfer as i use tissue or even just rub my fingers on it (erm, major disadvantage!)
  • I noticed a patchy area just underneath my eyebags and near my nose during the day. It looks really dry.
  • Even after hours, it continued to transfer on the tissue ):
  • Is it just me but i really prefer foundations to come in tubes, in bottles it just seem so inconvenient to bring it out ):
  • It’s a one colour fits all which is reallllllly nice.
  • Final verdict – 2/5 (i won’t recommend this)

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