[Review] Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks

Hi guys! I’m back!

Small update; i’m on mc for 2 days T_T this sucks. I’m having flu; fever, sore throat, NON-STOP coughing, runny rose, fatigue… sighs T_T

But lucky for me, i have some secret weapons (something that makes me feel better when i’m sick) for e.g makeup!

Today i’m reviewing on Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks. They are not a new product, in fact i’ve seen them from long time ago. They have like a greattttt range of colours (neutrals, browns, nudes,pink,plums,reds,mattes etc) It was last year when i got all of these lippies (from last year i had this obsession over lippies T_T)


This is one of the many ads they have for this range of product.


I have 6 of them (tbh i had 7 but one got missing T_T)


The shades i have :

MAT 1 – HOT PINK (Matte series)

MAT 2 (Matte series)

MAT 4 – VIVID CORAL (Matte series)

MAT 5 -BOLD RED (Matte series)

635 VERY CHERRY (Reds series)

POW 1 (Pink Alert series)



Swatches ~


Bare lips to start with >_<~


On the lips – MAT 1, 2, 4,5, Very cherry


And pow 1.

So final verdict

  • They are easy to wear, slide on perfectly.
  • Matte shades are not drying at all.
  • Very moisturising (maybe due to the fact that the lippies contain honey nectar (i know very cherry have, but i don’t know about the rest)
  • Other series compared to the matte series definitely brought more shine but it’s a nice type of shine you know~
  • I was hoping the 2 reds would be darker but … oh well, they are nice reds anyways.
  • If i remember correctly, it’s $18.90 SGD for one, quite pricey i would say but it’s common in Singapore to have $18.90 lipsticks (loreal & revlon also have lipsticks which are this price)
  • They would not stay for a long time (not lipstains) especially if you are eating or drinking
  • Final score – 3.5/5 (due to the fact that it is rather pricey and there are cheaper alternatives maybe like Essence lipsticks? – i will do a review soon)

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