[Review] Clio Salon De Cara VolumexVolume Mascara

Hi guys! I’m back again.

I have been wanting to review this mascara since forever but i needed time so finally i managed to do this review today.  (I got it last year – you can check my haul posts)

It comes in Volume x Volume (the one i got)

Volume x Curl

Volume x long lash

All of the applicators are inspired from hair salon’s tools like for eg no.1 is for hair roll.

clio-peripera-salon-de-cara-mascara-volume-x-curling-roll-crush zmg7udlvznu2m70cqd4f2

When it came out in Korea, i was like, i GOTTA have it. Dara looks so gorgeousssss ❤ (many of you must have thought i love this brand because of Dara, well that is half true but its quality is really good as well)




It supposed to be waterproof and gives full volume.




It comes with a heated eyelash curler as well 🙂



Closer look at the applicator. Very unique. It can be bended. At first when i tested the tester for this product, i was wondering why isn’t the wand pink (>_<) LOL!


Without any mascara on.

So to test out the mascara, i used Clio’s upper liner in #Pink Stud, and Peripera’s smoothie eyeliner in #SparkleBlack (i did a review on Clio’s upper liner before, you can read!) and i curled my eyelashes.


So this is after mascara. It definitely adds volume.

Final verdicts

  • Has a shelf life of 3 years like any other Clio products. But i would clean the wand once in a while after all it is a mascara.
  • It is waterproof (tried and tested)
  • Smudge-proof also but please wait for it to dry.
  • Does come off with warm water.
  • Retails at $24.90 SGD at Watsons Stores. Rather pricey.
  • The wand itself is small which is good for upper lashes and bottom lashes for asian eyes.
  • Packaging is nice as well, very sleek.
  • Final score – 4/5 (given the price which makes me consider about the score alot T_T)

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