[Review] Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in #070 Mud Spencer &Conralle Hill

Hi guys! So i managed to grab this eyeshadow quad and do a review on it even though i’m quite stressed with school stuff these days T_T.

I bought this last year from Guardian (Singapore “drugstore”) Seem like there is only some Guardian stores which carries this brand. And this item is the first product i bought from this brand. But i researched and found out that Catrice Cosmetics is related to Essence Cosmetics which i really like because they are really affordable and their quality is decent! Therefore i guess i wanted to a take a shot and try new items.


4 colours, a pink and 3 neutral eyeshadows. I really love this combination



They all contain like white shimmer on it.


Description of the shadows – long lasting with max coverage, silky and smooth texture is easy to apply.

I remembered i was blown away by the swatches which made me wanna get this and this is it:


Doesn’t this look so fine??? But do take note that no.4 is a little powdery.


So i labelled which colour did i use. (p.s: this photo didn’t do justice to the shadows)


Another photo~ With mascara on!

So when i tried this on, i was moving about and was sweating, this does not stay long when you sweat, really. It lasted me max 2 hours.

So final verdict…

  • The swatches are really pigmented but the no1 (pink) really doesn’t apply well on a bare lid(no primer etc), the rest also doesn’t look as pigmented when applied as compared to the swatches.
  • They feel very smooth and it wasn’t hard to blend them (yay! – this is one of their claims)
  • No.4 (darkest brown) is a bit powdery but still can work with it.
  • Staying power wise, it only lasted me max 2 hours with light sweating (nay! – it’s not as long lasting as it claimed) however in an airconned environment this should last much longer.
  • I remember it being $6+?? less than $8 i guess. I think it’s pretty ok (~~) with this price.
  • Would i repurchase? Yeah, but not this combination anymore (they do have some other combinations too)
  • Final score of 6/10.


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