[Review] Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner

Hi guys! Just wanna say, so sorry because i’m actually supposed to do 3 looks for GetThatLook! for Minzy, but i really didn’t have time… cuz i just had 2 tests this week.. T_T I will try to make up to it soon Anyway, this is a review for a Daiso product. In case anyone don’t know, (but i think everyone should know) Daiso is a place where their items are all $2 each. (in Singapore) They have almost like everything. For me, best place would be the cosmetics section (duh) so i saw this makeup brush cleaner and i knew i had to get it! DSC_0515 Not really a huge bottle, it’s 150ml for reference. DSC_0516 So instructions are there: Put some in container, dip inside, swirl it around on your hand under running water, dry on towel and air dry.  MADE IN KOREA (wow definitely a + sign to get this!) So i took 2 containers, 1 for me to pour the cleaner, 1 for water to wash the cleaner off. DSC_0517 This is the amount of brushes i have to wash yesterday night. DSC_0518 The smaller container contains the cleaner, as you can see it turned to this coral colour (i was cleaning a blush brush) I didn’t use running water because it will waste alot of water, so a container of water will do. DSC_0520 So this is a foundation brush, you can see how dirty it is (yuck!) DSC_0522 After washing and drying it was a towel.. it looks clean! 🙂 DSC_0523 Another example would be this eyeliner brush. The brush is super dirty (as you can see) and i didn’t wash for a long time (oops) DSC_0526 So after washing… would say not completely clean but 80% clean. 🙂 (which is still satisfactory) DSC_0524 So this is the amount left after i cleaned the brushes, note that the original amount starts from after the cover. Final verdict

  • Used that amount for 7 face brushes, 11 eye brushes, total 18 brushes. Changed the water and cleaner 3x because it was too dirty.
  • I think it is a wonderful cleaner even though it doesn’t clean it perfectly especially for $2
  • I feel that i can wash the brushes another 4 times? So for the price, it is really affordable.
  • Doesn’t come with a very strong smell.
  • Would really recommend this.


Score – 9/10.


5 thoughts on “[Review] Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner

  1. Just amazing and really affordable! I am using bareminerals brush cleaner but its really ex. Sephora has its instant refresher but in SG climate it takes time to dry…

  2. Awesome! I love Daiso, they have the cheapest stuff but the quality is never horrible. Thank you for this! I’m going to have a look in my Daiso and see if I can find it! I’ve been using regular shampoos for the longest time but I think it may be a little damaging. :O

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