[GetThatLook!] Inspired 2NE1’s Minzy’s Crush Promo Look

Hey guys!!

So let me continue the second part of GetThatLook! for Minzy. :)) In celebration for her birthday coming up on the 18th. D-6!

1st part – https://21panda.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/getthatlook-inspired-minzys-crush-album-promo-image/


This is the second look i’m doing 🙂 It is also from the Crush album promo images but I like how Minzy is wearing a very special (in a sense as compared to her usual makeup look) makeup for the promos. This look isn’t hard to achieve but it requires alot of details. Same as part 1, i couldn’t find the exact shade of eyeshadows or even the texture (most of my eyeshadows contain shimmer/glitter but hers is matte) Therefore, i wouldn’t consider this as a look that is 100% accurate. I don’t even have a step-by-step photo T_T im sorry.

So the final look i got (after tilting my head like her) :


So step 1 – Using any eyeliner you have, im using TonyMoly backstage gel eyeliner in black, create a thick line (like below)


Don’t worry if it’s messy for now as we are gonna lay eyeshadows on it.


You know those cut-crease type of look? Take a brown eyeliner draw it on your crease, then fill in the space between the crease line and black eyeliner with something lighter so there is some contrast going on. (I only have these shimmery shadows T_T)


Optional – false eyelashes. I realised in the Minzy picture, her eyelash had a curl towards the end so choose one that is heavier to the end.


So some glitter fell on to the black eyeline, just fill it back in with your eyeliner and done!

Oh for the final touch on the lips, i used Peripera’s lip crayon in #1

Eyeshadows used are Baviphat trio that i used before in the Korean Ulzzang look https://21panda.wordpress.com/2013/11/28/korean-ulzzang-look-tutorial/

Short post but end!


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