Teenage Campus Run Goodies 2015!!

Hi guys!

So, today i realised Teenage was giving out freebies during my school’s open house so why not?


They gave me like this 2 piece of hard paper, it’s for the box LOL. I took such a LONGGGG time to fold the box and it’s not even perfect ): But it’s cute anyways ❤ I’m gonna use it to store makeup probably xD


So ta-da!! All the samples from their sponsors are there. Most are EtudeHouse’s items :))


Item #1 – Etude House WonderPore kit – Sample size.


Item #2,3,4 – 7-11 and Etude House coupons :)!!


The 7-11 coupon is so cute T_T ❤ I really wanna keep it instead of using it… /dilemma/ but i love slurpee T_T


Really don’t know if i will ever use this… not because i don’t buy things from EtudeHouse but i don’t buy makeup from EtudeHouse in Singapore stores, it’s so expensive… unless got sales lah – Singaporean 😀


Item #5 – Sanitary pad from Laurier i think.


Item #6-10 –  EtudeHouse products – Heart mask, 2 of their lip tints samples, and 2 Precious Minerals BB cream samples.

To be honest… i don’t have a good experience with EtudeHouse’s masks, which leads me to feel wary of other sheetmasks… so i don’t know if i will try this or not.




DSCN9865 DSCN9866

Item #11, 12 – Curel samples.

Never heard of this brand but it attracts me because it is for people with sensitive skin!! Yay!! Got to try this! I have sensitive skin T_T. But it’s from Kao, which is well-known for their Biore makeup removers so quite excited to try this, will do a review 🙂


Item #13,14,15! EtudeHouse Wonderpore set.


Ok so, im very excited to try this because i have BIGGGG pores. Yes, BIGGGGG pores. T_T I know this is not a new product, i’ve actually seen this around but didn’t have a chance to try it. So, i can try it now!!

Update – The night i typed this post, i actually tried this 3 items. The facial soap for step 1- Well, it feels very very very tight on my skin :/ and it stung my eyelids – it was already quite irritated from the makeup removing T_T. But nothing major happened – i expected like red patches to come out. But it really did tightens the pores.

The toner though, was a good experience. It feels refreshing and didn’t irritate my skin. And my pores got ALOT smaller. I shall try a few more times and see if i wanna buy the full size.

The 7 in 1 lotion, the one with squeeze tube… well, i was having some expectations because the toner was good… so i toned and went to use this lotion straight, it stung like mad. T_T so horrible!! I had to quickly wash it off. Maybe i didn’t apply it correctly? Shouldn’t be after toner? I don’t know. If anyone knows, comment and let me know!


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