[GetThatLook!] Inspired Minzy’s Crush Album Promo Image

Hey guys! Yes, i know it hadn’t been long since i last posted the last post, which is quite unusual (since i do MIA) LOL but today it’s a special post.

If you guys don’t know, i’m a hardcore blackjack (Korean girl group, 2NE1’s fan) and Minzy’s (2NE1’s maknae – youngest) birthday is coming! 18 Jan, which is D-8. Therefore,I’ve decided to do this tutorial (not really)

So let me just spam(?) Minzy’s photo first 😀


She’s known to us as Ero-maknae = erotic maknae because her dance moves are erotic. Despite being the youngest, she is someone very reliable (according to CL)


Her voice is another part of her that i love..<3 Her soulful voice ❤


Also, she gives alot of fan service! ❤


Did she just look into my cam??? /fangirlzzzz/

Anyway, back to makeup, yes!

So the look i’m doing today is the first out of the three that i will be doing.


What attracted me to do this look is because of the purple eyeshadow <3, don’t you think that it is so seductive? With that nude lips… ❤

I didn’t label this as a tutorial because it isn’t one (not fully). There will only be a few photos to show what i did but i will try to explain it more in text even though a picture speaks a thousand words…. ):

So the final result – Inspired, not 100% match i know! Sorry for the hairs LOL, dropped from brush and i didn’t see T_T


So if you guys are still interested to find out how i did/what i used, stick around till the end 🙂

Step 1 – Base makeup, put on any of your favourite face products. For me, i’m trying Lady&Skin CC cream (which i did a haul about – https://21panda.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/update-haul-watsons/) and Maybelline Mineral liquid concealer in shade #2

Step 2 – Grab any purple eyeliner you have, for me i went with my Clio gelpresso mini in Star purple (which i did a review about – https://21panda.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/review-clio-gelpresso-pencil-gel-liners/)

Step 3 -Draw a line following the crease like this (don’t worry if it’s messy)


Step 4 – Take a light shimmery purple eyeshadow and shade it in the empty space on the lid. Then taking a brownish colour, pop it on your crease. I used coastal scents palette for the eyeshadows.


Step 5 -Take a darker shimmery purple, smudge it on your lowerlash line, i used Makeup academy Dusk till dawn palette.


Step 6 – Draw eyeliner. Don’t draw too thick, as you can see at the next picture.


Step 7 – Take a white shimmery shadow and highlight ur inner tear duct.

Step 8 (optional) – Apply mascara / false eyelashes. I used Clio Salon De Cara Volume x Volume and applied some eyelashes.

Step 9 (optional) – Nude lipstick.

Yup that’s all, i hope im informative enough T_T idek.

I should better go study, exams coming. Will post look #2 soon, look out for it!

Follow @2ne1makeup on Instagram if you’re interested ^^, it’s a channel for me to post my 2NE1 inspired makeup look. And also, @21panda_sg for just regular makeup posts. :))

Till the next time,



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