[REVIEW] Peripera Cushion Lips in PK05 – BubbleLove

So i guess i will go on with like short but informative reviews (i guess this is detailed enough, but you can always comment and let me know what you guys want me to blog about ^^)

So today it is Peripera’s Cushion Lips! Well, i guess what got me to buy this was the packaging (60%) and i really wanna try this cushion thingy that is a trend right now in Korea (30%) and Peri pera is a brand labelled under Clio Cosmetics (which i love) – (10%).

So behold, this unbiased review!






That is the cushion applicator



That is the texture with two pumps of the product. It feels like those lip creams, if you know what i mean.


Did not use any lip balm beforehand, the cracks T_T. But i swatched this lightly, like the gradient effect. Have to say that this is rather drying.


Swatched full on the lips, definitely buildable colour. This colour is abit too bright for my preference ):

So final thoughts about this product.

– It does stain the lips but this type of products is usually drying. (Lip balm is a must guys if you want it to feel comfortable) This product is more drying as compared to Collection Lip creams (review here : https://21panda.wordpress.com/2014/12/29/review-collection-creampuff-moisturizing-lip-cream/)

-It is difficult to squeeze out the product from the tube ): – sadly, maybe it is just my tube’s.

-Packaging is good, you can just toss it in your pouch without any hassle.

-It smells sweet but chemical at the same time ._.

-Price is $14.90/$15.90 SGD in Watsons.

-There are 8 colours in ClubClio’s Korean website but Watsons SG, i don’t remember seeing all 8 selections… it was about 4-5 colours only.

Final rating – 5.5/10


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