[Review] Collection CreamPuff Moisturizing Lip Cream

Hi guys! After so long, im back! I guess i should do more review so here’s one quick one! Collection cosmetics is a makeup brand that is available in Watsons Singapore. I guess it didn’t really attracts me much but then while i was swatching other makeup products in Watsons, i accidentally (yes) swatched this lip cream. What made me so determined to buy was the colour, it is such a wearable colour (for everyday) and so pretty!


(taken from http://www.boots.com/en/Collection-Cream-Puff-Lip-Cream_1222512/)

Mine is in shade Cotton Candy


Its quite small. Contains 5ml of product.

So, according to the product description, it is velvety soft, matt finish lipcream.


So the swatch, such a pretty colour i have to get it!


The wand.2014-12-29-22-25-08_photo

So on my lips.

So, to do a conclusion on this….

It is similar to the Clio Lipnicures, if you guys have tried. Whereby the product actually dries on your lips and makes it stay longer but this one definitely feels better than Clio’s one. (even when i did not use any lip balm beforehand)

There is only 4 colours available so selection wise not very good.

It is a very wearable colour whereby you want the product to look natural but still look like you are wearing something.

Rather long lasting. But the cracks on my lips are getting more obvious by the minute ):

And it smells great, like chocolate ❤

Advise to use lip balm before applying as it is quite a drying product.

It retails at $12.50 SGD

Final score  – 5.9/10


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