[UPDATE + HAUL] Watsons

Hey guys!

Very sorry for not updating for a long time.. well, you see, lots have happened and right now, i’m feeling a bit tired and confused as to what happened. Sigh. I apologize for not updating. School started and it feels much moreeeeeeeee tiring as compared to Semester 1, which is, i think normal?

Anyway, this is the recent items i got from Watsons not long ago 🙂


1) Lady&Skin Mineral CC cream SPF 34.

There is a story as to why i got this product, which anger me a lot but sometimes you gotta let it go~ So, i was just walking into Watsons (probably my must-go place if there is one branch at the place i’m at) and this promoter came up to me. I remember her promoting all sorts of items like vitamins, moisturiser etc but i was looking at the makeup section so suddenly she talked about one CC cream she has. Tbh, at this time of point i was really frustrated, despite telling her that i could just assist myself but she kept clinging on to me. So in the end, i asked her for a sample since i can’t ask her to ‘go away’. She showed me and i actually swatched this CC cream, it felt not bad. So i told her i would buy next time, then she told me that this was have a 15% discount from usual price so i was kinda interested. Turned out that it was around S$40+ after discount so i was a bit…’meh’ and i have not heard of this brand before “Lady&Skin”. She tried to convince me that it’s a high-end brand in Korea and that she has one faithful customer who buys from her a lot after knowing there is this product in Singapore, she even go to Korea just to buy this product. I told her that i am a student and i can’t really afford like this CC cream that is S$40+, like what T_T. She then told me she is willing to further discount for me to S$30+ since she understands that i’m a student, so i kinda agreed to buy on that condition. Btw, she also told me that it is good for sensitive skin people, like me. But it turned out that when i was paying at the cashier….. she gave me discount but only the 15%!! Not the S$30 that she promised me, i didn’t know T_T (i bought other items too) … lesson learnt, never trust promoters (??), no, always check your receipt and clarify! 

DSC_0028 DSC_0027

She also said it was a one-shade fit all as it blends to your skin tone like some other CC creams.


It is a 5-in-1 function CC cream, as advertised.


Yay for the pump!!


As you can see, it is definitely not a sheer type of coverage, coverage is good, not very thick. Blends out to have a smooth finish. (I will review this product soon,after my break out clears) I’m quite confused, because i don’t know if this product is breaking me out or it was the Boire makeup remover, i will have to do some test soon. T__T – not that im the YOLO type of person, but i strongly believe it was something else which broke me out.

2)Clio Salon De Cara VolumeXVolume Mascara + Glow Tints

I don’t know why but i really love Clio products, is it because of Sandara?


Buy 2 get 1 free (lowest price free) promotion going on!


Glow tint in #3 and #5. Can you see my 2NE1 cup hahahah


Salon De Cara VolumexVolume mascara! The brush is so unusual. Lol. Btw, it comes with a eletric curler.

DSCN0284DSCN0285 DSCN0286

Requires one AAA battery. I was so lost with this small item (LOL), never had a electric curler before. So you put in the battery, turn the thing on, wait for it to get heated, apply mascara then curl while it’s hot! It’s supposed to help with the staying power of the curl~

DSCN0290 DSCN0294 DSCN0295 DSCN0296 DSCN0298 DSCN0303

The brush is really tiny actually!


The Clio tints!

RSCN0347 RSCN0352


Swatches (left) in full power, swatches after wiping it off (right)


3) Essence Cosmetics Cookies&Cream Collection


This is not the entire collection. I only got the jumbo eye pencil, 1 single eye shadow and the hand cream.

Eye pencil & eye shadow in Last night, a cookie saved my life!


Description of the hand cream, for me, it really smelled like cookies and cream ice cream, but my sister told me it smells like candy


The jumbo eye pencil, i don’t even know why i got this. ._.


Decent amount of product according to the length.



The single eyeshadow, it’s suchhhh a pretty colour 🙂

DSCN0310 DSCN0312 Isn’t the name cute,haha!


Swatch of the eyeshadow.

DSCN0321 I got the same shade for both jumbo eye pencil and eyeshadow.







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