[HAUL] Watsons Member Sales + Daiso + Random drugstore

Hi guys! I will be posting about items i bought yesterday and today!

From Watsons, they were having like a members’ sales! (up to 50% off for some items and got quite some makeup products are 1 for 1, i had to get some stuff you know!)


Overview of what i got!

DSCN0078 DSCN0079

1)Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes mascara! (It comes with a sample of Baby Skin Pink Transformer – which i didn’t try before) in very black. I think it would be similar to The Falsies, their “famous” mascara since it’s supposed to give that 360 degree false lash effect (I haven’t try The Falsies)  PRICE : S$16, U.P: S$22+ i think? Another reason why i wanna buy this cuz i thought CL was endorsing this in Korea but it turned out to be “Mega Eyes” hmmm.


DSCN00592)Essence lip liners in #6 Satin Mauve #8 Red Blush #12 Wish me a rose. I don’t have any lip liners and it was cheap……. PRICE: S$2.50 each (no sales discount) 



3) Maybelline ColourShow Lipsticks in #102 Pink Punch + #104 Pink Please. I really like Maybelline’s colour sensational + bold mattes + pink alert line of lipsticks (review, anyone?) so wanna try this line of lipsticks (It’s cheaper than the other maybelline lipsticks except for the watershine series) Been craving (?) for neutrals + pink shades these days, ughhhh PRICE: S$9.90 for both (It’s 1 for 1!)



3)Maybelline Electric Pop baby lips in OH! ORANGE! i guess i really want a coloured lipbalm. PRICE: S$5.90 (No discount)

4)Essence Kiss Care Love lipbalm in #fruitylicious. I guess it was an impulse buy… PRICE: S$2.50 (No discount)



5)1028 extreme waterproof eyeliner in brown. Recently i’m loving gel-based pencil eyeliners and this is a brand that i have never tried before so thus the purchase! PRICE: S$14.90 (no discount)

Okay, next, Daiso items!



1)Foundation sponges

2)Storage box


4)Desk mirror 



RSCN01765)Eyelash glue (white colour) Doesn’t the packaging feel so Canmake-y? I’m not the eyelash type of person tbh (i wear spectacles) but i do love keeping false eyelashes….(weird?) I’m quite worried for this product cuz i have a history of eczema… i should test it first before i use.




6)Ever Bilena clear mascara.They are supposed to help with stay power for mascara so really wanna try out.



7)Eyebrow powder in black. First brow product! Never really did any brow filling tbh cuz my brows are rather bushy (what my sis said)




8)Slim lipstick in Raspberry. What attracted me was definitely the packaging. From the Daiso i bought from, there are 2 other shades (neutral-like and pinkish) I didn’t manage to take a pic of the colour of the lipstick cuz the lighting wasn’t good and my camera isn’t focusing T_T im so sorry!

So i was just walking around and just went into this shop called ‘VENUS’, they have items like skincare, haircare all these products and i believe the prices are cheaper than other places. 

So these are what i bought:



1)Vaseline lip therapy lip balm in cherry, what’s up with me… being lipbalm-crazed?PRICE: S$2 

2)Nivea fresh natural roll-on PRICE: S$2+

3)Biore makeup remover wipes + case, comes with 44 sheets. I want to switch to Biore for makeup remover since my Garnier one is almost finishing~ PRICE: S$12.90

4)Clean and clear deep action daily pore cleanser, being noticing how my pores are enlarging (T_T) and this used to be my everyday facial cleanser so i bought it again. PRICE: S$2.90-3.90 

Ok, so this is the end for this post. Got this feeling that i will have another haul post soon (LOL)

Any product you guys want me to review urgently? :)) Comment ^^


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