Korean Ulzzang look. (Tutorial)

Korean Ulzzang look 

Ulzzang ( Eoljjang (Korean: 얼짱)) is the meaning of “best face” or “good-looking”. From what i know, they are very popular online and i will call them the “IDOLS ONLINE”. Here are some pictures of them~

Image There are even ulzzangs for guys! o_O


Ain’t they all kawaii?~

After much observations, i managed to pick out some pointers on how to be a ulzzang. (really?)

  • A flawless face.
  • That puppy-eyed eyeliner style.
  • The posture they make
  • Contact lens (I don’t wear them though)
  • Most preferably, brown hair.

So with makeup today, i’m gonna guide you to how to look like a ulzzang~ 🙂

Firstly, wash your face and apply base makeup.

I am using a SKIN79 GOLD BB CREAM sample that i got from purchasing the SKIN79 HOT PINK BB CREAM.


1 sample size of bb cream is enough for 1 time use, or even more than 1 time use. If you find that you have extra bb cream left, use them as concealer. BB creams usually have a thick texture (like the above) and are great to cover any blemishes (that’s why BB cream = blemish balm)


Modes of applying base makeup: Use a brush, a sponge, a beauty blender or even your fingers.


I just bought this foundation brush, so i’m using it today.

I’m just gonna skip to eyeliner part. (I done 2 styles of eyeliner for this ulzzang look)

#1 (winged-liner-at-the-top-lid-look)

Using my ETUDE HOUSE ETOINETTE CRYSTAL EYELINER(brown), i drew my top wing. Brown eyeliners are great if you’re going for a natural look. It’s not as harsh as black eyeliners.


I’m sorry that i can’t produce a really in dept tutorial on drawing eyeliner, T_T.


What i can say about doing a winged eyeliner is, follow your lower lashline, and do a ‘draft’ first with pencil eyeliner if you are not very confident. I also used a dark brown shimmery eyeshadow at my bottom lash line.

I’m using BAVIPHAT Triple eyeshadow (The darkest shade)


Curl your eyelashes then use mascara. I decided to put on false eyelashes (There is alot of difference x.x)


#1 style done~ (Tada~)


#2 (winged-eyeliner-at-bottom-lash-line)

I think i see this style more than the first style. It gives that very innocent, puppy-eyed look, making girls look really cute.

So, let’s go directly to the eyeliner part.

Using a gel eyeliner and a eyeliner brush (make sure it’s clean). (It’s extremely important to use a washed,clean eyeliner brush because old eyeliner brush contains alot, i mean ALOT of germs and bacteria, and your eye is very very sensitive, you can’t risk a infection, right?)


See how the wing is at the bottom, and is dragged out? It makes your eyes look bigger and more innocent. Drag the eyeliner down to your lash line, 1/3 of it.

Using a white eyeshadow, highlight your inner lash line (Photos did not show up as good as real life, ): ) I wore the same eyelash as #1

And here is the final look~ (Tada~)


Finally, you can do the ulzzang pose~ haha


Ulzzang enough? Haha >_<~~~

Btw, blusher is from SKINFOOD and lipstick from ELF.

Bye bye, till then ^^


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